Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom

Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom

Life is intelligence. The same intelligence that created the stars, the sun, the moon, and this planet, is also the same intelligence that lives in you.


You are a walking miracle!

You may shake your head in disbelief at being called a walking miracle.  If that is true, why is your life filled with unhappiness, confusion, and perhaps sadness?   Feelings of fear, frustration or loneliness?

You may also feel lost, wondering, “Who am I? What should I do? Why did this happen to me? How can I solve this problem?”

The truth is many of us are disconnected from this vast loving intelligence that lives in us, surrounds us, and guides us. 

I founded the School of Inner Work to help you reconnect back to your Inner Wisdom as the true source of guidance in your life.

Your Inner Wisdom has been called many names the Tao, the Higher Self, the Inner Healer, the Divine Child, the Guide or the Light. Your Inner Wisdom knows exactly what you need for greater balance and harmony in your life.  It has the answers to all the questions you have ever wanted to ask. It wants you to succeed in fulfilling your greater destiny on this planet. 

Your Inner Wisdom is your priceless treasure that is always with you. 

Your Inner Wisdom is constantly trying to communicate with you. A friend wanting to send you a message may use the following channels: calls, SMSes, emails, or letters.  Similarly, your Inner Wisdom also has its own channels of communication.  Your Inner Wisdom uses your body.  Your night dreams.  Synchronicities.  Mother Nature. 

Let me share an example of how my Inner Wisdom guided me by using the channel my body. 


The Wisdom of Our Body

Great intelligence lives in our bodies. Bodily symptoms are important messengers from our Inner Wisdom. 

25 years ago, my body manifested urticaria for several months. I had red and horribly itchy rashes all over my body. Thanks to Western medicine, I was able to control the itchiness. To utilize urticaria as a gift of learning, I did several Inner Work sessions to understand the messages beneath the rashes. My Inner Wisdom was guiding me to transform my life.  As a result, I made several changes in my life. I gave up a wonderful job, left a beautiful house, and committed fully to my life’s work.

Well, the messenger left after I made all those changes! Thank goodness, no more rashes!

Working with bodily symptoms does not mean that you do not seek medical attention or treatment. As well as receiving medical treatment whether Western, Chinese or alternative, play with the following exercise:

  • Whatever the bodily symptom is, whether a headache, a rash, a cough, a pain, or cancer, imagine that this bodily symptom is a messenger from your Inner Wisdom.   
  • How would you symbolize the bodily symptom? 
  • Draw the symbol of your bodily symptom on a piece of paper.
  • Imagine that this symbol could speak.
  • What would this symbol say to you?

When I drew out the symbol of the red rashes on my body and imagined that the red rashes could speak to me, what I realized was that I was getting very frustrated with doing paperwork.  I was surprised as I had loved my wonderful job as an administrator.  However, it was time to end that part of my life and follow my calling as an energy healer. 

Looking back decades later, my Inner Wisdom was right.  Though I loved my job, taking the risk to pursue my passion led me to wonderful places and people that I would never have dreamt of.  I grew in ways that I could never have imagined.  Life became more miraculous. 

I am now so grateful for the gift of the urticaria.  Without being tormented by the red rashes, I may not have been pushed to quit my security blanket as an administrator. 

The main mistakes that people make when trying to understand their bodily symptoms are:

  • They do not trust the process.
  • They do not realize that bodily symptoms can have many layers of messages. Therefore, it is important to spend time (several hours to several years) to understand the messages.
  • They do not believe that the messages can be simple. For example, take a rest. Spend more time with your family.  Exercise. 
  • They often want the messages to be safe and reasonable. They do not want to hear messages that will rock the perceived safety of their current lifestyles. Sometimes, bodily symptoms ask for a totally radical change in lifestyle!

In my experience, receiving the messages from your Wise Self is the easy part. The main difficulty is having the courage to make the necessary changes in life or finding the patience and persistence in manifesting the vision. This is where you must find that next level of support to follow through. We live in a society of instantaneous gratification. The NOW time. We sometimes underestimate the amount of hard work, effort and time we take to change.

There is no guarantee that bodily symptoms will disappear just because we do the work to understand the message and make the necessary changes. Some bodily symptoms are like master teachers. They guide you all your life.

I had a very wealthy and successful client who suffered from asthma for over 70 years. Western, Tibetan, homeopathic medicine, you name it he has tried it. He finally realized that his asthma was his compass in his life. Through his asthma, he met his spiritual teacher. His asthma was also the engine that powered his spiritual and inner healing growth. And finally, because of his asthma, he founded several charities to help children with asthma.

Bodily symptoms can also teach your family and friends.  I have met people with Down’s Syndrome that are incredible teachers of unconditional love.  My heart just opens in their beautiful presence. 

If you would like more support in understanding the wisdom in your bodily symptoms: 

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