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Candice Koh

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Passion in life

After receiving my calling to “Heal the Wounded Souls” in 2002, I spent the rest of my adult life learning and practicing from teachers and healers of different modalities to heal my own wounded soul and manifest my Life Purpose. The years of in-depth journey and exploration led to my passion and focus on inner-transformation through Inner Work. Providing a safe and sacred holding space for people to explore and work on their inner world lives at the heart of my work.

I started my inner work journey with SIW in 2004 to work on the deep pervasive darkness, emptiness, self-hatred and existential crisis that I experienced all my life and ran away from. Hwee Meng’s steadfast, loving, non-judgemental presence, together with the grounded and in-depth inner work processes, provided me a safe container to face and work through my darkness and pain. Through the SIW classes and sessions, the inner wars within me ceased, I began to love myself and connect with the magic of Life. My Karma became my Dharma, my pain became my gift to the world; my Calling as an Inner Work Facilitator emerged.

SIW’s principle, “All the answers we seek, lie within us”, resonates deeply within me. Life is our greatest spiritual teacher. We are all on a courageous Hero’s Journey of evolution and growth. When we work through our life’s difficulties rather than run away from them, they become the doorway to our unfolding our own potential, gifts and uniqueness. When we turn inwards to connect with the deepest core of who we are, our inner-wisdom will bring forth the healing and guidance we need. My Life’s work is to journey with people inwards to rediscover, reconnect, and remember their own Light within.

Professional Experience

18 years experience as facilitator, counsellor and trainer:

  • 2016 – current:
    Assistant SIW Facilitator for SIW 2016 3-Year Foundational Program Private Sessions.
  • 2012 – 2015:
    Assisted in Logistics & Workshop Support for SIW 2012 3-Year Foundational Program.
    Underwent SIW Facilitator Training 3-Year Program.
  • 2012 – current:
    Founder and Principal Facilitator of My Holding Space – Centre of Counselling & Inner Work.
    Working with individuals going through life challenges & difficulties, seeking life purpose & connecting with their inner wisdom. Specialise in inner work, counselling & Deva work (Past Life Regression & Symbolic Sessions).
  • 2012 – 2015:
    Counsellor in a Family Service Centre.
    Working with families & individuals going through family & personal crisis, suicide risks, family violence, relationship / marital difficulties, anxiety, depression, anger issues.

  • 2003 – current:
    Developed & conducted life skills, personal development & inner-transformation workshops for public, corporate, MOE schools and tertiary educational institutions.


  • Registered Counsellor with Singapore Association of Counsellors
  • Masters in Counselling, University of Swinburne (Top Student Award, MS15)
  • Bachelor of Business Studies, Major Human Resource (Hons), NTU
  • Certified Deva Facilitator (Past Life Regression & Symbolic Session)
  • Diploma in Holistic Counselling
  • Graduate Certificate in Expressive Therapies, Sandplay and Symbol Work
  • Graduate of SIW 3-year Foundational Program

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