SIW Private Sessions

How did the rose ever open its heart and

give to this world all of its beauty?

It felt the encouragement of light against its being,

otherwise we all remain too frightened.


You are not alone.

In every heroic journey, there are mentors, guides and friends to cheer the hero/heroine on. As the hero/heroine in your own story, you need allies. We all do.

In SIW, these allies are your soul friends. Not your social friends.

Soul friends provide:

• Truth when we lie to ourselves about our potential.
• Courage when we settle for a smaller life because of fears.
• Encouragement when we are demoralized.
• Support when we feel defeated.

Your SIW FT is your soul friend. Someone who believes in your potential and sees you beyond your limitations.

Who are

SIW Facilitators?

SIW Facilitators are an amazing group of men and women from all walks of life who are united in 1 purpose. A deep passion for personal and spiritual transformation.

Before training as facilitators, they have already dedicated years of time and money to working on their own healing and personal issues. Many of them underwent this intensive and comprehensive training to graduate as SIW Facilitators because of the enormous benefits they have received from SIW and private sessions. They experienced their own growth and changes.

They hear a calling to serve. To make a difference in this world.

They have been where you are now. They don’t pretend to be experts who know the answers to what works in your life. SIW Facilitators provide a holding environment for you to blossom into the person you were born to be.

What happens in a SIW session?

SIW session is short for Soul-in-Wonderment session.

When you make the call for your 1st session, it is a turning point in your life. You are tired of seeking answers and happiness outside of you. Your inner work has begun.

Your facilitator will guide you to look and listen within. So that one day you will wake up to the wonderment of life and in wonderment of who you really are.

You will be engaged in 2 levels of inner work.

One level is to understand and release the repressive blocks and limiting energetic imprints that hold you back from manifesting your true potential.

There are many ways you already experience these blocks:

• Feeling disconnected from life.
• Overwhelmed by rage, grief or fear.
• Frustrated by worry and pessimism.
• Stuck in painful relationships.

Another level of work, is to awaken and experience the sacred truth that is within you.  

• You are more than your name and age.
• You are more than your personality.
• You are more than your job.
• You are an eternal soul.
• You have all the power in you to create a life of happiness for yourself.

Who is a good fit for SIW sessions?

You have an idea that you may be the source of your own unhappiness and suffering.

You have a genuine longing to know who you really are. What is the point of life?

You're not just looking to be successful materially— in fact, you may have already reached it. You want something deeper that you cannot name yet.

You realize that healing may be a lifelong journey.

You are willing to invest the time, money and effort for your personal and spiritual growth.

What are the practical steps?

1. Read through the list of SIW facilitators. Every facilitator is unique, bringing their wealth of life experience and depth of inner work to support you.

2. Contact the SIW facilitators directly. Interview a few to find out who you would like as your soul friend.

3. Sign up for the initial session. The following questions will be explored.

• Why are you here? What do you hope to achieve?
• Is SIW session the best support for you?
• Is this facilitator the best soul friend for you?

4. After the initial session, you sign up for 1 series of 5 sessions. Each session is 1 – 2 hrs long.

5. After the 1st series, you may want to sign up for more sessions.

6. There are no limits to how far you can develop. As you break through 1 limit, you can break through another. Your SIW FT can be a valuable ally on your journey through life.

7. Every facilitator charges differently, depending on their level of professional training and experience.

In a SIW Session

You will be challenged to become the change you seek.

You will work to clarify your problems, removing the clouds and obstacles.

You will uncover new revelations, insights and perspectives –

so you can come alive in a whole new way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a SIW private session with Hwee-Meng?

Hi there!  Thank you so much for asking.  I no longer offer private sessions.  However, I have personally trained SIW facilitators to carry on my work.  I highly recommend each and every one of them. 

All SIW facilitators have invested a minimum of 3 years on their own inner work before beginning their 4-year training as facilitators.   You will be working with facilitators that care deeply about the awakening of human consciousness to their highest potential. 

They would love to support you to become the best version of yourself.

Where are private sessions conducted?

Private sessions are conducted online and in person.

For online sessions, you can connect to a facilitator from anywhere in the world.

For in person sessions, our facilitators currently work in Singapore and Malaysia.

If you would like to invite a facilitator to travel to your region,  please contact SIW headquarters at

I have no problems in life. Do I need private sessions?

Yes, many difficulties and challenges in life are resolved during private sessions.    

However, the primary purpose of private sessions is for self-understanding and self-awareness.  I want to borrow a line from a SIW student, Lee Boon Luan.   “Going for private sessions is like having an intimate date with yourself.”

If you do not know who you are, it is difficult to create a life you love, relationships that nourish you and livelihood that you are passionate about.  As Aristotle said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Do I need to prepare for private sessions?

Give yourself 5 min of quiet time:

To focus on your intention to know yourself deeply before the session begins.    

To reflect on your learning after the session is over.

Student Results

It is time to realize the wonder of who you are.


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