About School of Inner Work

Transformational programs for personal and spiritual growth.

School of Inner Work

is affectionately known as SIW.


SIW is a modern mystery school, studying the great mystery that lives inside of you. You are a spiritual being, having a human experience.

SIW curriculum is a blend of ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, honoring the totality of the human being: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Ancient Wisdom

• Ancestral Healing
• Buddhist Wisdom
• Ceremonial and Ritual Practices
• Dreamwork
• Energetic Healing
• Shamanic Traditions
• Spiritual Practices
• Traditional Chinese Medicine

Modern Knowledge

• Breathwork
• Creativity as Medicine
• New Age Thought
• Neuroscience
• Psychological Theories
• Somatic Approaches
• Symbolism
• Trauma Work

The School Is For…

Anyone who hears a deep yes in the heart.

If your mind needs to understand more…

We have an amazing group of students in their 20s – 70s, from all walks of life. On the surface, they are ordinary people just like you and me. Jobs. Family responsibilities. Perhaps a home mortgage to pay off. Some retired.

What is so profound about SIW students?

Underneath their day jobs, they are 21st century…

• Caretakers of our planet.
• Change agents and transformers.
• Creatives such as artists, dancers, poets and singers.
• Dreamers of a better world.
• Healers of all kinds.
• Peacemakers.
• Mystics.
• Spiritual practitioners.

They have a flame for:

• Authentic communication, connection and community.
• Meaningful contribution to the world.
• More awakeness and aliveness.
• Spiritual truth.
• Wholeness and healing.

The School Is Not For You if…

You are looking for a guaranteed map of success:

SIW does not teach 3 steps or 10 formulas to making your life work. You are a unique individual here to walk your own path. To live your version of success. And not somebody else’s version of success.

You are looking for external securities:

SIW is about listening to the deep self within. Finding the inner rock. Not placing your hope on the outside. Fame comes and goes. Fortunes rise and fall.

You are looking for instantaneous results:

To grow a vine may take a few months, but to grow a tree with a sturdy trunk, deep roots and wide branches takes years of cultivation. We are here to grow strong trees that can weather many storms.

You only want to feel okay:

The School teaches you that it is really okay to not feel okay. To be open to the cycles of life. The light and dark of life. The good and the bad. To welcome the messiness of life.

You’re content with life:

Perfect. There is no need to join the school.

If your heart still says yes,

take the next step.

SIW Private Sessions

Book a one-on-one session with my personally trained facilitators. Experience transformational and healing moments.

SIW Workshops

Begin this lifelong love affair with yourself. Attend in-person or online workshops.

SIW 3-year Program

If you are ready to make deep changes, this intensive personal and spiritual growth program is for you.