Taking Care of Yourself Program

is a series of 7 workshops, based on the ancient map of chakra healing. Each workshop is focused on learning and nurturing an essential aspect of you that will help you live life more fully.

To embark on the Taking Care of Yourself Program is to make one of the most powerful investments you can ever make in life – investment in yourself.

You will be inspired to look after the greatest and most reliable asset you have in life – YOU. As you spend time, money, and love on yourself, you will flourish.


We look forward to having you join us in an upcoming workshop to help you on your healing journey to wellness.

Inner Work on Your Body

Celebrate your body just the way it is. Learn the importance and how-to of honoring your body’s innate intelligence.

Inner Work on Your Emotions

Dealing with your emotions skilfully is a very important key to increasing the quality of your life. If you do not manage your emotions, they have the power to break friendships, sabotage careers, destroy family bonds and create ill health.

Inner Work on Your Mind

Learn effective techniques for transforming self-sabotaging ways of thinking.

Your Relationships

Inner Work on Your Relationships

Relationships are a key aspect of human life. From birth to death, we need other humans. Work with principles and tools such as authenticity, personal responsibility, empathy, forgiveness and skillful communication to create life-enhancing relationships.

Inner Work on Your Life Purpose

Life purpose fuels us with positive energy, aliveness and a sense of meaning. Without a sense of direction, we feel lost and confused.

Inner Work on Your Intuition

You are not alone. There is help and guidance in the Spiritual World for you. In this workshop you will learn the types of spiritual guides there are, how they can help you live your best life, methods of connecting directly to your spiritual guide, true loving guidance vs the voice of fear and more.

Inner Work on Your Spiritual Light

Failure, rejection, betrayal, tragedy and loss are common human experiences. We will learn the art of embracing our dark moments to manifest more of our own spiritual light.

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    Healing is…

    A lifelong journey into wholeness.
    Seeking harmony and balance in one’s own life, in family, community, and global relations.
    An instant of transcendence – above and beyond self.
    Embracing what is most feared.
    Opening what has been closed, softening what has been hardened into obstruction.
    Creativity and passion and love.
    Seeking and expressing self in its fullness, its light and shadow, its male and female.
    Remembering what has been forgotten about connection, and unity, and interdependence among all things living and non living. Learning to trust life.


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